Queen of the Crawlers

Hey my oil-painted short story "Queen of the Crawlers" is available in Heavy Metal #290:


This thing was a side-project for many, many months so it's super exciting that it's finally seeing daylight! Each page is a 32" x 24", so you can imagine what beauties these things are in person. But the real beauty is my neighbor and model Kay, who is the real-life Queen of the Crawlers! She didn't bat an eye when I told her I wanted her to star in a comic about the last woman on Earth befriending the surviving cockroaches.

Star Trek TNG Illustration

A fun Trek illustration I cranked out over a weekend. Oil on canvas, 18" x 24"

Atomic Fairytales

Here's the oil-painted cover for my planned short story anthology called Atomic Fairytales!
Oil on canvas, 18" x 24"

Time Dog!

A goofy experiment to see what I would do with a trippy Flash Gordon - style strip!

20th Century

A couple pages from a comic pitch I did with writer Chris Miskeiewicz (BOOM's Thomas Alsop).

An Idea is Born

Psychedelic insanity for a friend's album cover (you can tell I'm a comic artist because I couldn't resist doing it at a comic page size instead of the usual square).

Wynter #4 pages!

My digitally painted pages for Wynter issue 4, written by Guy Hasson. I did all illustration, lettering, and digital production on 'em!

Available HERE from Comixology!

Album Cover

I a quick album cover for a local band that ultimately went unused, but here's the design process and finished thing. They initially wanted a Saul Bass/Paul Rand inspired piece, then went in a more psychedelic direction before ultimately deciding they'd prefer a photo. Ah well, I'm happy with the piece that came of it!